10 Fastest-Growing Cities in the US and Home Values There [2023 Update]

10 Fastest-Growing Cities in the US and Home Values There [2023 Update]

This article will look at the 10 fastest-growing cities in the US and their home values in 2023. It will explore why selling to cash buyers is one of the best options for those looking to sell a house in any of these cities.


The United States has seen many different cities rise and fall in terms of growth over the years. In 2019, 10 cities have seen notable growth due to various factors such as technological advances, population influx, and economic opportunity. As these cities grow and expand, so too do their housing markets, which can have a major impact on overall home values. This article will look at the 10 fastest-growing cities in the US and provide an update on their home values in 2023. It will also explore why selling to cash buyers is often one of the best options for sellers looking to efficiently move out of a house in any of these fast-growing cities.

The Fastest-Growing Cities in America

According to recent reports from Forbes Magazine, the following are considered some of the fastest-growing cities in America as of 2019:

• Austin, TX

• Denver, CO

• Nashville, TN

• Seattle, WA

• San Francisco, CA

• Dallas, TX

• Charlotte, NC

• Atlanta, GA

• Raleigh, NC

• Portland, OR


Each of these cities has experienced rapid expansion over recent years due to several factors such as infrastructure improvements and new job opportunities. As development continues into 2020 and beyond it can be expected that each city’s housing market will also continue to experience significant appreciation due to increased demand from both residents and prospective buyers alike. Consequently, now is a great time for those interested in selling a house within any one of these areas as they could potentially benefit from the higher resale value if done correctly.

Home Values Update – 2023

Even though it may seem far away now but by 2023 prices should continue increasing across all 10 locations listed above; although they may not necessarily experience uniform levels of growth rate or magnitude. For example, according to Realtor Magazine’s 2018 Housing Forecast report Austin is projected to experience an average annual appreciation rate (AAR) of 6% between 2018–2022 while Nashville’s AAR is estimated at 4%. On the other hand, San Francisco despite having its own unique set of challenges should still see its median price increase by about 8% by 2022 with proceeds potentially reaching $1 million for single-family homes (SFR). Nonetheless, most experts agree prices should generally rise across all metropolitan areas regardless without fail – especially when taking into consideration current trends like Millennial migration towards urban lifestyle settings coupled with moderate investment activity associated with high net worth individuals seeking second homes or vacation properties.

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Selling Your House – Cash Buyers Preferred

Although it may seem attractive at first glance opting for traditional real estate transactions might not always be ideal considering the costs involved with hiring agent brokers plus the waiting periods necessary to secure paperwork before finally closing a deal which can span up to 3–6 months depending on location even under ideal circumstances. One way around this however involves taking advantage of features offered by direct cash buying services such agencies WeBuy Houses & similar firms commonly found advertising banner signs throughout neighborhoods nationwide. Such companies typically operate through networks of investors who purchase residential properties strictly through direct purchasing strategy rather than channeling them to listing platforms such as MLS service & similar arrange transactions involving escrow funds mortgage lenders etc instead cutting straight path towards closing table often within 2–4 weeks timeframe money deposit requirements vs long drawn avenues traditional realty style deals.

Getting Started With Cash Buyers

To get started working cash buyer potential seller needs first assess the current market conditions local area using online tools such as Zillow to estimate the property’s approximate worth then consult cash buyer representatives regarding any queries or concerns regarding the process itself or other related matters before signing off contract agreement proceeding further steps involved transaction vary based company specifics but usually require homeowners submit basic information pertaining property length ownership tenure desired sale price along photographs video walkthroughs order facilitate quick evaluation step next processing order involves setting up meetings local representatives formulating paperwork outlining payment method finalizing details surrounding transaction followed closure signing documents transferring deed buyer’s name once complete homeowner receive funds settlement specified time frame agreed upon between parties.

Benefits Of Working With Cash Buyers

While selling your house through traditional channels is certainly still an option nowadays more people choosing to utilize services provided directly by cash buyers growing trend owes primarily to convenience and speed afforded via processes that generally involve minimal hassle comparatively speaking compared to longer waiting times associated with conventional arrangements involving banks brokers agents etc keep mind their certain benefits working directly cash buyers well including following examples mentioned below…

1) Fast turnaround times – Generally speaking most transactions involve a simple paperwork sign-off process that only takes a few days or weeks to complete depending on the severity case pretty much impossible to achieve the same result relying on course agents’ work which often requires months between initial listing paperwork closure.

2) No commissions fees – Purchasing house cash eliminates any associated costs dealing with agents brokers etc making for a much simpler transaction process free of hidden charges commonly encountered in traditional transactions.

3) Buyers take care of repairs – Since most cash buyers are typically interested in buying property conditions regardless type of repairs necessary to make the place livable they may even include coverage of certain repair work as part deal agreement depending on individual buyers’ discretion.

4) Cash payment settlement – Unlike other methods of sale where homeowners face uncertainty regarding funds’ arrival after closing due to loan approval delays paperwork processing times etc working directly cash buyers guarantee immediate receipt proceeds once documents are officially signed off and transferred into their hands.

Working cash buyers can certainly prove viable options for homeowners looking to sell the property quickly without worrying about time-consuming paperwork delays due to lengthy processing procedures related to traditional real estate deals.

Thus, homeowners need to weigh their options and assess the benefits of working with cash buyers before making a decision. Doing so can help them make an informed choice, ensuring that they get the most out of their transaction in terms of convenience, speed, and satisfaction.

Happy selling! 🙂

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