Top 5 Important Things to Repair Before Selling Your House

Top 5 Important Things to Repair Before Selling Your House

When it comes to selling your home, you want to make sure that potential buyers are getting the best deal possible and that they won’t have any unexpected surprises. It is important to ensure that all repairs and maintenance are taken care of before putting your house on the market.

Having a lot of repair work can be a big turnoff for many buyers, which could mean a longer time on the market or lower offers. Here are some of the most important repairs to consider when preparing your house for sale:


The roof is one of the most important elements of your home and should be in good condition for prospective buyers. A damaged or leaking roof can signal major problems with a property and could be an indication of more serious underlying issues. It is advisable to hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof before putting it on the market, as this will help identify any problems that need addressing. It is also important to check for signs of wear and tear such as cracks, missing shingles, or rust spots.

If any repairs are needed, it is usually recommended that you replace or repair the entire roof instead of just patching up areas here and there. This will provide peace of mind for buyers and ensure that they don’t have any worries about future leaks or damage.


Plumbing issues can be extremely costly if not addressed properly, so it is important to get them checked out before listing your house. Clogs in sinks, showers, and toilets should be attended to as they can cause water damage if not cleared out in time. You should also check under sinks for signs of water damage from leaking pipes as well as running through each faucet/shower head for signs of discoloration which could indicate corrosion due to mineral buildup over time. If there are any signs of water damage or corrosion in these areas then they should be addressed immediately by a licensed plumber in order to prevent further problems down the road.

Electrical System

The electrical system in your home plays an integral role in its overall safety so you want it up-to-code prior to listing your house on the market. Hire an electrician who can inspect all wiring within walls and outlets; check smoke detectors; assess light switches; look at junction boxes; test GFCI outlets; examine circuit breakers; ensure proper grounding; replace worn out wiring; among other things! These inspections are very important as faulty wiring has been known to cause fires or even electrocution which can put anyone living within reach at risk! Keeping everything up-to-date will help buyers feel safer knowing their family members won’t be exposed to these risks when living in the house.

Exterior Paint Job

The exterior paint job on your house provides protection from harsh weather conditions but also gives prospective buyers their first impression when viewing properties online or visiting them in person – curb appeal matters! If you notice any chipping, peeling, fading paint then it may be time for a new coat! A freshly painted exterior will help improve curb appeal while providing protection from rain/hail storms etc., which could result in water entering through cracks left behind due to wear & tear over time thus causing further structural damage (eek!).

HVAC System

The heating, ventilation & air conditioning system (HVAC) plays an integral role in maintaining proper indoor climate regardless of outside temperatures thus keeping inhabitants comfortable during both hot summers/cold winters alike – what’s not love? Before listing your house make sure all components (furnace filter included!) have been cleaned/checked by a certified technician who can alert you if anything needs repairing/replacing prior to sale i.e., this would include bad ductwork insulation resulting in air loss leading up higher energy bills down the line…yikes!. Making sure this system is fully functional beforehand helps maintain high energy efficiency ratings throughout seasons ensuring prospective buyers feel their money spent here won’t go wasted!

Taking care of these crucial repairs before putting your home up for sale will give potential buyers confidence that their investment won’t come with any dangerous surprises after closing day – potentially saving you lots of headaches later down the line! Although these tasks may seem mundane and timely now – taking care of them beforehand makes all difference between successful offers being made with ease versus having yours linger around on market too long due lack thereof repairs attended (not ideal).

Happy selling!